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Affordable Car Window Tinting Near Me

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Professional & Affordable Car Window Tinting in Mesa az

Arizona is well known for its high percentage of sunny days. While sunshine is often cause for a positive mood, excessive sunlight can have negative effects on your vehicle. Window tinting is a simple yet effective way to improve the comfort and value of your car or truck. Turning Point Glassworks is pleased to offer best Car Window Tinting mesa az or near Phoenix, always performed by our experienced auto technicians for the very best in quality and performance. We provide excellent window tinting services at Turning Point Glassworks! Our company offers many different brands of film that come in various percentages of visible light transmission (VLT). The lower the percentage, the darker the film is. The darkest level of tinting, 5%, is most commonly used on limousines and private cars.

Why choose us for auto tinting?

That's great to hear! Turning Point Glassworks not only provides car window tinting services, but also offers a wide range of auto glass and replacement services, including windshield replacement in mesa az , windshield repair, fixing improper windshield replacement, Vehicle Window tinting, and more. It's important to take care of any damage to your vehicle's glass as soon as possible to prevent further issues and ensure your safety while driving. If you need any of these services in Mesa, AZ, Turning Point Glassworks may be a great option to consider. Be sure to contact them for more information or to schedule an appointment affordable window tinting.

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Major Benefits of Car Window Tinting

Window tint is a powerful tool that can add to the value and functionality of your car. Whether you drive your car often or only on occasion, window tinting can offer significant benefits.

  • Constant exposure to sunlight and heat can fade.
  • Car’s windows can create a greenhouse effect
  • Window tinting offers additional protection for your car's windows.
  • keeps Vehicles Cool in the Hot Arizona Sun
  • Helps Prevent Interior Damage From UV Rays
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Choosing the Best & Affordable Window
Tinting for Your Vehicle

Tint Percentage

The percentage of a window tint describes the amount of light that is allowed to travel through the tinted layer and into the vehicle. A tint with a larger percentage allows more light through, and vice versa.

Different Levels

You can opt to install window tint of different levels on different windows in your car. For example, you may want to keep your windshield and driver’s side window relatively light, but tint the passenger and rear windows much darker.

Day and Night

Consider the amount of driving you do during the day and at night when choosing tint. A darker tint increases comfort during the day while a darker window tint will make it slightly harder to see at night.

Our film comes in the following VLT percentages:

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Frequently Asked Questions

A: Car window tinting can provide several benefits, including reducing heat and glare, protecting the interior from UV damage, improving privacy, and enhancing the appearance of the vehicle.  

A: The time it takes to tint car windows can vary depending on the make and model of your vehicle and the number of windows being tinted. Typically, it takes 1-2 hours for a standard car.

A: Yes, Tpglass work is here as an auto shop and tinting specialists in Mesa that offer car window tinting services.

A: The cost of car window tinting can vary depending on the type of film used, the number of windows being tinted, and the make and model of your vehicle. It’s best to get a quote from a reputable auto shop or tinting specialist in Mesa.

A: Yes, car window tinting is legal in Mesa, but there are certain restrictions on the level of tint allowed on different windows.

A: It’s best to get quotes from multiple auto shops and tinting specialists in Mesa and compare prices to find the most affordable option. Be sure to also research the quality of the products and services offered by each business.

A: To remove tint from your car windows, you can follow these steps. First, spray an ammonia-based cleaner on the tinted area. Then, cover the window with a black garbage bag and let it sit in the sun for an hour. Finally, carefully peel off the tint with a razor blade and clean the window thoroughly. Remember to take safety precautions, such as wearing gloves and eye protection, when handling the ammonia-based cleaner and razor blade.

 Turning Point Glassworks offers affordable window tinting solutions that provide numerous benefits. Tinting can help reduce heat and glare, safeguard interiors from UV rays, enhance privacy, and provide a sleek appearance.

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